• Stupid People
  • Metallica World Magnetic Tour 2010 T-shirt Design
  • Kitchen Floor HDR
  • Meteor Explosion
  • Yellowstone
  • Sleeping on the Job HDR
  • Earth Wallpaper
  • Hometown Composite
  • Hometown Downtown Panorama
Stupid People1 Metallica World Magnetic Tour 2010 T-shirt Design2 Kitchen Floor HDR3 Meteor Explosion4 Yellowstone5 Sleeping on the Job HDR6 Earth Wallpaper7 Hometown Composite8 Hometown Downtown Panorama8

The where

This web page is !!! STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION !!!i please be patient while all the content being created and uploaded to server. I did not want to put that stupid under construction index.html. Anyhow, contact form is fully functional so if you have any question please feel free to comment, ask or whatever. This web page is all about 3D art, modeling, animation and visual effects which I'm a huge fan. One day, who knows, maybe....in one version of parallel Universes sense and logic will prevail and people will start to think with their own heads instead believing in whatever is served to them trough mediaread more

The why

...stupid picture of me doing nothing smart, just fooling arround during the summer period while I was waiting my computer to finish rendering

And the How

...project I'm currenly working on. Character on the picture is my grandfather and his is 97 years old.